AQUA Logic Travel Mate drinking water filter

The AQUA Logic Travel Mate has been developed by our partner Innologic as a personal drinking water filter for travellers, during expeditions and mountaineering, but also for disaster management, refugee camps and as survival kits for aid- and development workers. To be used in situations where there is no reliable drinking water supply available.


  • Bacterial reduction 99,994 %, Log 4
  • Filter removes odour, colour, smell, chlorine and other chemicals
  • Filters 1 litre water per minute by integrated hand pump
  • Filter-cartridge replacement after checking with enclosed limit-gauge, 4000 litre
  • Filter can be brushed clean when flow drops by the enclosed cleaning pad
  • The filter functions without additional chemicals and has been made from maintenance free and non-corrosive parts

Filter characteristics

  • The filter element consists of a special compound of ceramic material and an Activated-Carbon medium combined with Colloidal Silver
  • The Activated-Carbon adsorbs bad taste, odour and colour as well as chloride and other chemicals. Apart from that, micro-organisms like bacteria are turned harmless by the present Silver

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