The Tulip water filter

The Tulip water filter is a candle-type water filter which uses gravity siphon pressure to force water through a high-quality ceramic filter element. The innovative usage of the siphon results in a high flow rate of 4-5 liters per hour. The Siphon filter is very compact, as only a filter element, a plastic hose, and a valve are needed, while existing storage containers can be used. The filter is designed as a point-of-use filter in households. The filter element is impregnated with silver in order to increase the bacterial removal efficiency of the filter and to reduce the recontamination risk of stored filtered water.



  • Bacterial reduction 99,995 %, Log 4/5
  • Filter has been successfully tested in several laboratories in many countries
  • Flow rate 4-5 liters per hour
  • The silver impregnated ceramic element filters between 3.000 and 7.000 liters of contaminated water, depending on water turbidity
  • Plastic jar protects the ceramic element against breakage
  • Washable pre-filter prevents premature clogging of the ceramic filter element when using dirty water
  • Easy backwashing for cleaning the filter, by pressing the bulb after closing the tab
  • Easy to use enclosed scrub pad for cleaning of the filter element
  • Filter includes end of effective life indicator for low-cost replacement ceramic filter
  • Filter successfully used by families in India, Vietnam, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria and several other countries

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